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Introducing The "Shop Ingredients" Button

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From Cookbooks to Food Bloggers
We understand that the grocery shopping market is evolving. We're here to help with those who are seeking to learn recipes online rather than a cookbook. So, we've created a easily installable WordPress plugin to help their audience.
Keeping it Simple
We're after making the whole experience easy and beneficial to everyone. Having this program to be easily instablle by Food Bloggers, having the transfer of ingredients easily done, and making the whole experience seemless is our job.

How It Works

Download the "Shop Ingredients" button plugin through the WordPress website or our website and install.
Let your fans quickly transfer your recipe ingredients to a third-part grocery delivery app for at-home delivery or pickup. All from the comfort of their home!
 Get Cooking
After your fans have decided to shop for their favorite recipe ingredients they can wait for the delivery. The only option left after that is to get cooking!

Simple is Easy

Simple is everything. It saves time and headaches. We, Santa Cruz Savory, specialize in it and aim to make the installation of our "Shop Ingredients" button as simple as possible.
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