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The love of food is something that crosses cultures. It builds bridges between people and strangers. It is something that many people devote their lives to. Here at Santa Cruz Savory, we are aware of what food contributes to the world. We value things that promote the enjoyment of food, cooking, and healthy nourishment. 

With this in mind, we have recognized the growing change and cultural trend that's shifting from cookbooks and in-store grocery shopping to recipe websites and online grocery delivery services. Assisting people in cooking and discovering new foods is what we're about, and easing the process of finding recipes online to having the ingredients in the chefs' hands is something we can assist. 

It would be a pleasure to contribute and help foodies get their ingredients in ways that weren't readily made before, all the while benefitting the whole community of foodies, recipe websites, and online grocery services. We believe we're in a good position to solve this problem and provide a solution that is easily used by foodies and installed by recipe websites. Savor the moment our friends.
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